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See What People Are Saying About Us

Mrs. Czajkoski will do everything in her power to help her client's.. We started off with a court appointed lawyer that didn't take the case seriously.. I saw Nicole at the courthouse and I knew at that very moment I wanted to hire her... Once we hired her she went to work immediately.... She was very sympathetic to my husband mental state and her professionalism was awesome... She is very direct and honest.. Montgomery County enhanced the charges against my husband but that didn't stop Mrs. Czajkoski... The previous lawyer told us jail time was our ONLY OPTION but Mrs. Nicole knew better and she had the charges DISMISSED!!! All I could do was hug her and cry... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you choose her as your attorney because SHE WILL GET THE JOB DONE.... She's beautiful, passionate, driven and professional what more can you ask for.... THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH MRS. NICOLE CZAJKOSKI ;)

Anonymous, 06/08/2018

Nicole spent time....... extra time, beyond our scheduled initial appointment/consultation to thoroughly explain, in layman's terms, the Ins and Outs of the legal system pertaining to my case. This made me feel more knowledgeable with my personal dilemma as well as in understanding how those who work in the legal profession (mainly the opposition i.e. Police, Prosecutors/Judges etc) actually/really "Think" when looking at a so-called alleged "criminal". It was also a great comfort to know how compassionate she was to my needs as well her attentiveness to the obvious stress, anxiety and uncertainty I was experiencing. With a strong possibility that my case might drag on for months, with her networking and foresight of what the prosecutors were attempting to do, she expedited my case and resolved it beyond any expectations I held previously, and the term satisfied would be a gross understatement, on the very first court date. I could not thank her enough and my recommendations for anyone looking for a REAL Criminal Defense could do NO Better! Thank you for your honesty, integrity and most of all your sincere desire to help me through what would have been a long drawn out process with most likely a negative outcome had I hired someone else.
Respectfully and with sincere and my upmost Gratitude,

John, 04/11/2018

I was facing a revoked probation and after sitting in jail for weeks, including Thanksgiving, the judge refused to see me. After going to court multiple times I was fortunate enough to get Nicole as my attorney. The next time I went to court I told her how much back time I already had in jail and she was able to get 80 days time served for me, which I had already done, and my felony swiped clean with only the reckless driving misdemeanor sticking to my record. Needless to say I was astonished. She helped me & everything I do going forward tremendously. After dealing with my fair share of lawyers I can say that Nicole is by far the best and will definitely seek to it that you get the best outcome possible for your situation. I will only recommend her and strongly suggest if anyone needs legal help to contact Nicole first and save yourself the frustration.

Anonymous, 12/12/2017

Case dismissed at pretrial motions
Nicole was extremely competent. She put me at peace during the entire process. She answered the phone / returned calls. I was blessed to have her on my side.

Anonymous, 12/07/2017

Case dismissed!
Was facing 2 charges and Nicole fought to get the case dismissed. The district attorney offered to give me probation Nicole declined, and planned to take the case to trial. A week before my final court date Nicole called to tell me the case was dismissed!

Anonymous, 10/25/2017

Minimal time
Nicole was my husbands court appointed lawyer. He was looking at 25 years but by the grace of God, Nicole got him 9 months. We definitely recommend her to anyone, she is very sweet and caring. Thank you, Nicole.

Anonymous, 10/25/2017

When hiring a lawyer, you should always go for the one who is knowledgeable, competent, but most of all... one who CARES about your situation. Nicole has all of these qualities and more. I had hired a lawyer who didn't do anything for me but take my money and kept getting my case reset. I then hired Nicole and she fought for me until the end. We sat down together got all the facts and sorted through the complainants allegations and within two court appearances, my case was DISMISSED. Thank you Nicole Rodriguez Czajkoski

Alishia, 08/19/2017

I hired Mrs. Czajkoski to try to get an early dismissal on my probation. In about two weeks she had the order signed and everything completed for me. She was on top of things from the get go and handled them very quickly and efficiently and she always kept me informed. She is an AWESOME attorney, definitely the best one I have ever had and I would 10/10 recommend her.

Kathryn, 06/02/2017

Case dismissed
I was charged with DWLI more than two time she got it reset a few times to give me enough time to get valid license. Then she was able to get my charge dropped

Jason, 05/11/2017

Owner at ServiceMaster by CGI
My office contacted Nicole's Law Firm on 4-20-17 at 8:57 AM to review a contract for a high end customer that had to have quick turn around. She researched, reviewed and sent back to us a at 9:57 AM on 4-21-17!!! perfect!

Chad Golson, 05/11/2017

Was wrongly charged with interference with public duties. I was referred to Mrs. Czajkoski who I have heard was a straight shooter and would not settle for anything less then rightful justice. When we arrived to court she was well prepared and presented the prosecution with well organized professional letter pointing out flaws in the charges. The confidence she presented in the court that day reassured me things would go great. When things were over my charged were dismissed :) Mrs. Czajkoski did my family and I justice and we are so blessed to have had her represent me on my case. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Mrs. Kristi Nicole Czajkoski for any tough case. Thank you

Jimmy A, 04/13/2017

On a difficult but wrong traffic citation, Nicole did a great and efficient job in communicating with us, guiding us to gather evidence, arguing the case and dismissing the charge.

Lex, 03/25/2017

Excellent Litigator
I am an attorney who has worked with Ms. Czajkoski and I highly recommend her services for any legal need in which litigation is at issue. I trust Ms. Czajkoski to assist with my own clients and my firm relies on her expertise and tenacity . You will not be disappointed with Ms. Czajkoski.

Dismissed, 03/20/2017

$114,00 Judgment - Trial Breach of Contract plus Attorney Fees 12/30/2016
We hired Ms. Czajkoski to represent our company to recover commissions due in a breach of contract claim. We were impressed with her litigation and trial experience that was combined with a knowledge of business transactions. She gave us practical advice along with the legal options as we moved forward on our claim. Eventually we filed a lawsuit. She represented us in mediation which was unsuccessful and then at trial where we won a judgment for $114,000, the full amount of our claim, plus attorney fees and costs. She kept us informed throughout, providing recommendations, and then once a decision was made, advocated tirelessly on our behalf. The results could not have been any better.

Steve, 03/20/2017

Nicole was very accommodating when I first met with her. I walked out of her office wanting to hire her right away. After reviewing my case, she gave me confidence that she was going to be able to help me to the fullest extent of the law. I came out of a felony charge with a full dismissal. Thank you Nicole for giving me a part of my life back. I would recommend her as your Attorney any day of the week. Pleasant to talk to and work with. Thank you Nicole for everything you did.

Tim, 10/11/2018

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